Friends characters as recruitment consultants

May 5, 2023 | Lily-May Poulton

Friends characters as recruitment consultants.

Friends, who doesn’t like the wholesome friendship group from New York? I certainly do! Friends is a comfort show for many with its relatable personalities in each character. I’ve decided to take a look at some traits associated with recruiters and match them with some of our favourite characters from Friends.

Ross Geller: The Over-Prepared Recruitment Consultant

Ross Geller as recruitment consultant

Ross would be the over-prepared recruiter who always has a plan. He would have every question mapped out and would be prepared for any curveballs a candidate might throw his way. Ross is the type of recruiter that uses facts over personality to win over new clients, impressing candidates with his knowledge of the company and the industry. His awkward nature would be tossed aside as his passion for recruitment beams.


Monica Geller: The Detail-Oriented Recruitment Consultant

Monica Geller as recruitment consultant

Monica would be the detail-oriented recruiter who leaves no stone unturned. She has a spreadsheet for everything and has constant tabs on her candidates. Her desk is meticulously organised. Monica loves protocols and rules and follows a step-by-step procedure when completing daily tasks. She would have a process for everything and would expect candidates to follow her lead. Her attention to detail would be second to none, and she would be the one to catch any discrepancies on a candidate’s resume. She’s competitive and will be the first to check the branch leaderboards at the end of each month. Due to her feistiness, Monica takes rejection like a champ which has enabled her to stay in the recruitment field for years.

Chandler Bing as recruitment chandlerChandler Bing: The Sarcastic Recruitment Consultant

Chandler is the type of recruiter that you could spend hours on the phone to. He keeps the office in high spirits with his witty, sarcastic humour. This sarcastic recruiter isn’t afraid to crack a few jokes during interviews. He would be the one to put candidates at ease, while still managing to ask the tough questions. He would have a talent for sniffing out the phoney candidates and wouldn’t hesitate to call them out.


Rachel Green: The Fashionable Recruitment Consultant

Rachel green as a recruitment consultant

Rachel would be the fashionable recruiter who always looks the part. She would be the one to impress candidates with her impeccable sense of style and fashion-forward attire. Her confidence and poise would be contagious and leave candidates wanting to work for her. She’s also the type of recruiter that really cares for her candidates. She takes criticism to heart but her drive enables her to keep pushing until she wins over her next client. Her adaptable nature makes her a great recruiter when it comes to arranging last-minute candidates due to no-shows.

Joey Tribbiani: The Charming Recruitment Consultant

Joey Tribbiani as a recruitment consultant

Joey would be the charming recruiter who wins over candidates with his charisma. He would be the one to schmooze candidates and make them feel like they’re already part of the team. He would have a way of making even the most nervous candidates feel at ease. He might not know what’s going on all of the time, but you can’t resist warming to him. His chaotic desk would, of course, be filled with snacks (did someone say meatball sub?). Joey’s happy-go-lucky nature and thick skin would keep him going if he’s struggling to land clients.

Phoebe Buffay: The Quirky Recruitment Consultant

Phoebe Buffay as a recruitment consultant

Phoebe would be the quirky recruiter who brings a unique perspective to the recruitment process. She would be the one to ask off-the-wall questions and challenge candidates to think outside the box. Her ability to see the world in a different way would be an asset in identifying candidates with innovative and creative mindsets. Phoebe would be the entertainment and the distraction of the office with her constant singing. Despite her wonderfully weird and bubbly personality, Phoebe can hold her own and be firm when she needs to.

Gunther: The Eager Recruitment Consultant

Gunther would be the eager recruiter who’s always looking to please. He would be the one to go above and beyond to make candidates feel welcome and comfortable. His enthusiasm and eagerness to please would be infectious, but he may need to work on honing his interviewing skills as he’s the quiet one in the office. He isn’t loud about his successes despite doing well. He is very loyal to his candidates and makes sure he puts them into the right role. His patience is his biggest strength when recruiting due to the process it takes to take on new clients.

Estelle: The Tenacious Recruitment Consultant

Estelle would be the tenacious recruiter who never gives up. She would be the one to follow up relentlessly with candidates, even if they’ve already declined the position. Her persistence and determination would make her a valuable asset in filling hard-to-fill roles.

Janice: The Relationship-Builder Recruitment Consultant

Janice would be the relationship-builder recruiter who excels at building rapport with candidates. She would be the one to remember the little details about candidates and use that to make connections. Her warmth and charm would make even the most skeptical candidates feel at ease. Noise-cancelling headphones are a staple in her office.


Who would you be most like?


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