If Simpsons Characters Were Recruiters!

March 23, 2023 | Jason Whittenham

The Simpsons, who doesn’t like the mad hatter family from Springfield? I certainly do! Springfield is home to many an oddball character, with it having some standout personalities. I’ve decided to take a look at some traits associated with recruiters and match them with some of our favourite characters from The Simpsons.

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson type recruiter is the guy/gal that has no real clue what they’re doing. They can’t give you a direct answer about anything and they wouldn’t lift a finger to save themselves. That said, they’ve got a certain charm about them that you can’t help but warm to. As a candidate, it might take you a while to get anywhere with them, but my god, will you have fun! They aren’t tech savvy and usually rely on others to do their work.

Sideshow Bob

This grumbling maniac makes enemies everywhere he/she goes. They are spiteful, and never forget those who have crossed them in the past. Their time is usually spent on devising plans to get their candidates in through the door, any way possible. A crafty bunch.

Mr. Burns

This type of recruiter is solely driven by money and will never have their candidates best interests in mind. Like Mr. Burns, if there’s no financial gain, then it’s not worth doing. Again…not to be trusted *Stay Clear*. Boo-urns I say!

Troy McLure

You might remember this recruiter from such agencies as….well every agency you could possibly think of! This recruiter gets around and always comes back to see how you’re getting on. They’ve always got a role that perfectly suits your skill set. Tenacious bunch.

Gil Gunderson

“I need this!” is what you’ll hear come out of this recruiters mouth. Hopeless at everything, but desperate to succeed. They are a bag of nerves and the years in recruiting has definitely taken its tole on them. Recruiting is not for the faint hearted, unfortunately, Old Gil never got the memo.

Lisa Simpson

A Lisa Simpsonesque type recruiter will never steer you wrong. They are good listeners, confident and always have the best interest of their candidate at heart. They are target driven, and will settle for nothing less other than excellence. As a candidate, this is who you want on your side!

Barney Gumble

The Barney Gumble type will almost break your heart. This person has so much potential, yet instead, just throws it all away. Once sober and on form, the Barney Gumble’s of the recruiting world can do no wrong. The only thing is they can’t help but drift back into the darkness of doing nothing.

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