Using Virtual Reality in Recruitment

April 21, 2021 | Jason Whittenham

Virtual Reality in RecruitmentWhat about using virtual reality to recruit staff and conduct client meeting?

Have you ever thought about the future of recruitment, and the fact that virtual reality and conference calling could become one?

Imagine having a job interview or attending a client visit in your PJ’s whilst your virtual reality avatar is all suited up and looking the part for the occasion, sounds crazy right?, but this could quite easily happen, even right now!

Nowadays more and more companies inherit the usage of virtual reality in recruiting to make processes more efficient, to shorten the required time, and to help the company to get back the potential candidates in no time. Here at Kenect Recruitment we are all about new technology and are currently in the process of looking into how this would work well for our customers.

So, how would this work?

There are several ways to use VR in recruitment. It may help the people who have vague ideas about the job role to see how it looks like. They can decide if the job is suitable for them or if it corresponds to their future career plans. To experience this, the candidates must download the application suggested by the office on their mobile and buy a headset to watch the VR video. The increasing usage of smartphones paves the way for the development of this field. Spending some amount of time watching how the work looks like daily will help the candidate have an overall idea and be sure of his/her decision. No presentations or stories will substitute this experience.

Going to an interview at an office is not enough to understand how the office looks like all around, the office culture and surrounding atmosphere. Of course, when you enter the real office you will get some idea from the first glance which might be also deceiving. VR allows candidates to have a virtual tour in the office, see how people are working, how the office looks like from different angles.

However, a big issue connected with this is the creation of fake reality. The atmosphere in the video could be completely different from the reality. Hardly any recruiter will show you any negative sides existing at their office.

No matter where you are living, you will still find some professions in your country that are mainly owned by the older generation. The younger generation has zero interest in hard-to-fill roles. This is because they have certain stereotypes about those jobs, how they are done, and so on.

Imagine a company realising that their workers are already ageing, and they are in need to recruit younger workers, the company started to attract the modern generation including VR opportunities in the job description. Following the whole procedure of how older people are working and understanding that there is nothing to be afraid of, many people started to send applications. Some observers even noticed the new workers were using the same tricks seen in the VR videos.

In 2016 CBA the largest bank of Australia brought VR into the recruiting process in an unusual way. Their application allowed the candidates to experience the kind of projects employees handle and test their ability to make smart and agile decisions. Based on the results as well as the candidate’s individual behaviour in the VR reality, managers could choose the best from the candidates more easily.

To keep the candidates’ and workers’ interest isn’t always an easy task. Team engagement is one of the keys to success in the job. Using the VR opportunities recruiters can present and create a good collaboration atmosphere among the employees and colleagues and engage them in the main goals of the organization.

VR became an undividable part of modern recruiting life. This is an era of innovations; the more innovative solutions the company offers the better results it will record in the end. VR simplifies not only recruiters’ jobs but also other workers as well. The non-renewable resources which used to be spent till now are saved due to modern technologies. Just imagine!

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